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Haugan bldg 002


Beginning in June of 2009 Alan & Sarah felt strongly led to return to Montana to encourage pastors and churches, conduct revivals or whatever the Lord might lead them to do. They assisted churches on the eastern side of the state in the month of June, then in July arrived on the western side specifically in Haugan where there is one little church surrounded by five bars and casinos giving the majority of residents their social center. There in the western mountains is where the Damron’s initial plan ended and God started them on a brand new journey! After completing their revival schedule, the church in Haugan asked Alan to stay and pastor, agreeing to re-launch under a new name: NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP which they did on August 2, 2009.When the Damrons saw the spiritual darkness in the 33 mile stretch from St Regis to Idaho, they were clearly captured by the urgency to share the Gospel in the West Valley of this Highway 90 corridor. Without a doubt the words of Matthew 4:16 rang clear and true, “The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.”



At first glance St Regis, Montana looks like many other towns in this state. The majesty and beauty of the western mountains surrounding this community take your breath away. A closer look reveals a small town with friendly, hard-working people striving to provide for their families in spite of the high unemployment, high alcohol abuse, and dire poverty. The children in five communities from St Regis to the Idaho state line all attend the St Regis Schools. With about 550 households in the town and two small churches there are surprisingly no activities other than school for children and youth. Unfortunately, the apparent lack of interest in anything relating to church or God is blatant. Clearly for this community the Gospel Story has yet to be written but it’s a New Day in St Regis. By September 2009 Alan and Sarah began a Youth Bible Study in St Regis and a few months later began renting the St Regis Community Center on Sunday evenings in a soft-launch of NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP-ST REGIS. The Damrons, along with a hand-full of believers in St Regis prayed for a permanent facility and presence in the town which would enable them to extend their ministry during the weekdays. The Lord provided a way to purchase an abandoned Methodist building located directly across the street from the St Regis Schools! Services began March 20, 2011 @ 11:15 AM. This has opened many, many doors of ministry to the community and enhanced the opportunity of seeing the beginning stages of this Gospel Story.

Team FFBC 019


After much preparation, building, collecting, sorting, and stocking the New Day Fellowship Resource Center opened on September 16, 2009! The church is able to provide food and clothing for needy families in Haugan and St Regis. Thanks to several men in the community and our summer mission teams we also have a supply of fire wood for winter when needed.

In the summer of 2013 the mission team from First Baptist Fayetteville, GA graciously provided materials and labor to build an out building in St Regis for our Food Pantry and Clothes Closet. Our greatest need now is to equip the small building with electricity, heat, racks, shelves, and then move the clothes and food into it for distribution.



To learn more about the majestic state of Montana, visit the links below







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