A Timely Word…

Thanks to our ladies study this week, God has once again met me at my point of need. Could it be that it is time for Alan and I to live in a house again? Some of you may not know that we haven’t actually lived in a house for over 8 years now. Isn’t that kind of strange when you think about it? We believe it is God’s timing for us to once again be home dwellers! We have debated back and forth and prayed and prayed. We are scheduled to close on a house on October 27th due to the very grace of God and the generosity of many financial supporters.

This morning as I was working through my homework for our study, we covered a very timely portion of scripture. When you look at the end of the books of Acts 28:30-31… at the very end… the last two verses… you may see what astounded me today.

After many years of travelling to share the gospel, being hindered by shipwreck, beatings, stoning, his own people who opposed him, etc. Paul finally, for a time at least, got a place of his own to stay for awhile. These are the very last words of the historical record of the book of Acts, Then he stayed two whole years in his own rented house. And. he welcomed all who visited him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with full boldness and without hindrance. 

Of course, we don’t pretend to be anything close to the apostle Paul, yet our situation is similar. Mineral County presents its own set of hindrances to the gospel ministry. Many don’t understand why we are even still here in the West End. We believe it may very well be God’s timing for us to have a place to stay as long as He allows. This is a HUGE statement to those around us. I only pray that as we continue to serve in the Gospel Ministry against all odds, we will serve with full boldness and without hindrance. Isn’t that truly an amazing thought?

Thank you, LORD, once again!

Oh, and I love You, too!