We want this to be the best week and mission trip for your group of the entire year! We are believing that God will do miraculous things in the life of your group and the lives you touch here in western Montana. We welcome you and anticipate our journey together will be a happy, healthy, and holy experience. We are so excited for you to come. The requirements listed below have been prayerfully thought through and we present them in the Spirit of Christ. Please know we are praying for you and your Mission Team.


A.  Conduct Code

  1. Always be courteous and respectful to others (NDF Staff, Team Leaders, fellow team members, and all residents of the area.
  2. Remember, during these days in western Montana you are representing Jesus Christ, your home church, and especially New Day Fellowship. People in this valley will definitely be watching your every move and word spreads fast. They will know if you are really serving the Lord or just in it for yourself!
  3. Every team member will be expected to cheerfully cooperate with their leadership and the leadership of New Day Fellowship.
  4. Every team member will be expected to clean up after themselves, put trash in the containers, flush toilets, clear and clean tables, wash and dray hands, and work in the kitchen and clean up as assigned.,
  5. This time together will be strictly Drug, Alcohol, & Tobacco FREE!
  6. This time together will be totally free of profanity, hurtful teasing, and vulgar language of any kind.
  7. There will be restricted and limited use of cell phones and listening devices during all activities, except for emergencies or scheduled free time.
  8. Every team member is expected to fully and cheerfully participate in each scheduled activity and/or work assignment.
  9. Although not anticipated, any and all conduct or behavioral issues will be resolved by the Mission Partner Team Leaders to the satisfaction of New Day Fellowship Staff.

B.  Dress Code

  1. Please wear modest and appropriate clothing.
  2. Since this is an economically oppressed area, we also ask that you avoid name brand clothing or overly dressy attire.
  3. Ladies, we ask that you cover all cleavage. Men, please avoid low riders and tank tops. And everyone should completely avoid shirts with worldly messages, profanity, or vulgar language of any kind.
  4. Bring at least one light weight jacket or sweat shirt because evenings remain cool. Everyone should bring at least one pair of jeans because even in summer it is cool here.

C.  Other Vital Information

  1.   Please be aware that the higher altitude can have an adverse affect on older team members and those with asthma or respiratory illnesses.
  2. Weather Statistics:     June     July    August
    Haugan Avg HI           74         84        73
    Haugan Avg LO          39         41        34
    St Regis Avg HI           77         85        86
    St Regis Avg LO          40         45        44
  3. It is extremely important that no one (that means NO ONE–leaders or team members) take off alone or wander by themselves because there are wolves, bear, and other dangerous wildlife in the area.
  4. Materials, gifts, gum, candy, or tracts will NOT be distributed without the full knowledge and approval of New Day Fellowship Staff.


  1. We request that each Mission Partner Team minister on the field a minimum of four (4) days with scheduled activities. This does NOT include the day of arrival or the day of departure.
  2. The NDF Staff request that you provide a date and estimated time of arrival and departure on the field at least two months prior to your arrival.
  3. It is important to remember that you, the Mission Partner Team, are responsible for all transportation needs of the group coming, while on the field, and leaving.
  4. Work Assignments will be developed and agreed upon by your Mission Partner Team Leader and NDF Staff. Everyone will fully and cheerfully participate in and complete the assigned tasks.
  5. Please be advised that there is no handicap access or facilities. Terrain is extremely rocky and not conducive for wheel-chairs, crutches, or other such equipment.
  6. Fire arms and fire works are not allowed on the property in Haugan or St Regis. There is a state-mandated burn ban during the summer that is strictly enforced.
  7. It is crucial that all team members and leaders stay together as a group, as assigned. You come and go as a group (again, no stragglers or wanderers.)
  8. The NDF Staff requests that both church locations be left clean with trash emptied, kitchen cleaned, floors swept, mopped, & vacuumed, and furniture set up for next services BEFORE your mission team leaves the field.


  1. The New Day Fellowship Staff requests that you provide at least tow (2) copies of a medical release form for all team members and leaders AND parental release form for each team member 18 years of age or younger. (1 copy for your team and 1 copy for NDF Staff) This should also include a copy of each team member’s health insurance card and contact phone numbers for any emergency.
  2. We ask that any medical issues or risks such as asthma or allergies be documented and revealed before your arrival on the field.
  3. The NDF Staff also request that all medications be held in a secure location and distributed by a Mission Partner Team Leader as needed for those 18 or under.
  4. Please NOTE that medical facilities for minor injuries are 35-45 minutes away and for major medical issues it will be over an hour away.


PLEASE understand that the New Day Fellowship, Haugan was re-launched on August 2, 2009 and the church in St Regis was a new church start on March 20, 2011. Both churches are very young and yet to be established, neither at present are self-sustaining, and neither at present are able to meet their own expenses. So, it is important for your church group to fully fund your trip including field work and needed supplies.

  1. A general program fee includes cost for the summer mailer, flyers, additional promo, extra fuel, extra utilities, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other needed items for the summer projects. (We ask that you send this program fee at least 1 month prior to your arrival. This is fully refundable if you have to cancel your trip.)
    Group of 12 or less                     $150
    Group of 13-25                             $250
    Group of 25 +                                $350
  2. A New Day Fellowship T-Shirt is required for each team member. These are purchased in advance by the NDF Staff. Current price is $12, but may vary by summer 2014. Sizes and funds for all team members need to be given to NDF Staff two months prior to your arrival. NDF Shirts are MANDATORY for every team member for all assignments! It is a vital part of our testimony each summer throughout our communities. (A washer and dryer is available at NDF Haugan for your use during the week.)
  3. All expenses for team transportation, food, lodging, materials, supplies, and mission activities are the responsibility of the Mission Partner Team (children’s snacks, craft supplies, port-a-pots, etc.)
  4. Your Mission Partner Team is also responsible for any unexpected or potential damage by team members to any property at any location.


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