Dates: (on the field–does not include arrival or departure days)

_____/_____/______ to _____/______/______

The Mission Partner Team from _________________________________
 (Church/Group Name)

The purpose of this agreement form is to serve as a final check list for New Day Fellowship and your Mission Partner Team. Basically, it will outline what both parties have discussed and agreed to accomplish and complete. Hopefully, this agreement will indicate that all participants are ready to “hit the ground running” the week scheduled. There will always be “surprises” in mission work, but our goal is to minimize those. Once again, we are believing that our time together will be led by God’s Holy Spirit to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and ultimately bring glory to God alone.

NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP agrees to prepare, plan, and pray for your Mission Partner Team. We will assist in every way possible to inform, educate, and equip you and your team for successful service in western Montana. The NDF Staff agrees to assist you in assessing appropriate transportation, lodging, food, and any other needs which may arise during your stay. We agree that for the time you and your team spend on the field, you are our priority and all of our energy and efforts will be focused on the work we do together for the glory of God. The NDF Staff also agres to prepare our church and the people in this valley as effectively as possible for your specific group. Our commitment to you and your team is to pray, pray, pray, then plan and prepare.

Alan Damron, Pastor                                 Date
New Day Fellowship

The Mission Partnership Team agrees to participate in the following activities:

Planned Activity



[if more space is needed, list on back of form]

The Mission Partner Team agrees to cover the expenses listed below:

  1. A general program fee which includes cost for a summer mailer, flyers, additional promo, extra fuel and utility costs for New Day Fellowship (needed two months prior to field work dates and is fully refundable if trip is cancelled);
    1. Group of 12 or less = $150
    2. Group of 13-25         = $250
    3. Group over 25          = $350
    4. A New Day Fellowship Team T-shirt provided upon arrival for $12 each (sizes & funds needed 2 months in advance)—These will be worn during door-to-door activities, concerts, and kick-off rallies, etc.—a washer and dryer are available at the church in Haugan;
    5. All expenses for team transportation, food, lodging, materials, and mission activities (ex: children’s snacks, craft supplies, port-a-pots, etc).

I hereby have discussed, read, understand, and agree with the Personal, Physical, Medical, and Financial Requirements set forth by New Day Fellowship.

Leader Name/Title:                                                            

Church/Group Name:                                                       


City:                           _______  ST:             Zip:                    

Work Ph#                                        
Home Ph# __________________
Cell Ph#                                           

E-Mail Address:                                                     



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