Such a Special Gift…


Many friends and partners responded to our special need with special gifts to see Grammy to Uganda! How deeply thankful we are for each person who shared this journey in one way or another!

So, how do I summarize this trip? There are not even adequate words.

I had never imagined the depth of wonder in seeing my own child bring a child into the world. WOW! But, Alisha did an incredible job–she and Malina were quite a successful team! So many prayers were answered in this process.

M at TNA (2)

Although there was work to do, it was a task of pure joy for this mother/grandmother’s heart! My day often began before the sun came up…

Micaiah: “Grammy!” (whispered from across the room)

Grammy: “Yes, Sweet Pea?”

Micaiah:  “It’s wake up time! It’s wake up time!”

And off she would go tofind a book to read together or she might play with a toy on the rug by the bed… just to give Mom, Dad, and Malina a few more minutes of sleep. A perfect job for Grammy, huh? I sure do miss my little “sleeping buddy”, her flashing eyes, her tinkling laughter, and precious hugs.

Throughout the day and especially at the end of the day, it was my marvelous task to burp, change a diaper, and snuggle with baby Malina… and a tremendous snuggler she is, indeed! Oh, how I miss her sweet baby smell and that very special warm bundle resting on my shoulder.

Although the memories are bittersweet for me, this trip was an indescribable gift to our family and to me personally. Thank you ALL for your love and prayers as you share our journey… there is much more… for another time.