40 Years & Counting #4

Wedding 1973 022

So there are some of you who are probably tired of our little virtual “partay”–but HEY! 40 years is a long history together and we are thrilled to have made it this far! So our celebration continues through the actual anniversary December 22nd.

We were just thinking that 40 years ago on this day… stepping back four decades… count them… 1, 2 ,3, 4… we spent the entire wedding week in mid term finals at Howard Payne College (at the time). So, on this Friday in 1973 we took two finals each on Friday morning, drove four hours or so to Bertram, met briefly with our Pastor, Don Henderson, and survived rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (including both families and a few dear friends from school and church and pre-wedding jitters). At the time we didn’t really think about how this celebration would affect our Christmas time so many years ago and how it continues to do so to this day!

Then Saturday was the “big day” and we did not see each other until the ceremony… it was truly a magical and memorable day for us! The main struggle was that on this weekend in 1973 the US Government officially began to “ration” gasoline, so we could not travel very far until Monday! We were fairly creative as we headed to Ranger, Texas where Alan served as Music/Youth Minister at First Baptist.

But don’t despair… we saved up and took a honeymoon to Denver in the summer… and loved it! Actually, we are kind of surprised that we could remember some of these details! Seriously, at our age, oh, how we miss our minds!!! Ha!

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