40 Years & Counting, #3

girls Easter in Nederland

We are continuing with our 40 year saga of Marriage and Ministry! It would be really fun to have you ALL here to celebrate with us, but since that is not feasible… let’s just continue our “virtual” party! It really doesn’t seem possible that we have been together happily for that many years! We don’t even feel that old most days, but other days we feel a LOT older! It’s just life!

Don’t get us wrong… marriage is a LOT of work for both of us–definitely NOT a 50/50 prospect, but a 110/110 relationship! For that matter, ministry also takes much effort and energy, if we are honest about it. But in reality the old adage seems to be very, very true: In a good marriage sorrow is divided and joy is multiplied! We know every marriage is different, but we have from the beginning been a team… a sacred partnership between the two of us and our Heavenly Father. Have we ever had difficult days? More than we can count. Have we been content with one another in spite of those difficult days? Every moment as we walk with one another and with our Lord… and never forgetting: “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Matthew 19:6)

Of course we celebrate many gifts throughout these 40 years–the greatest being our beautiful daughters: Alana and Alisha. It only seems like yesterday (no, really) that they were cuddled in our arms, creatively eating spaghetti in the high chair, rocking in the rocking chair, reading a book or singing a song… but those days are far behind us now. Then in 2011 the Lord gifted us with our first son, Abdul Seruyange, husband to Alisha and papa to our first grandbaby (and now soon to be second grandbaby!) So, we look forward to spending time doing the same things next month with our first granddaughter: Micaiah Malin Damron Seruyange! What exquisite joy and blessing! Other than our assurance of salvation through the Lord Jesus and our commitment to one another in marriage and ministry, these precious ones are our most treasured gifts. As many of you know, all our family members are special gifts to us: Damron, Barton, Smith, McGee, Jordan, & Scarborough clans, as well as our ever beloved brothers and sisters in Christ through these 40 years from Alabama to Texas to Montana. HOW WE WILL EVER THANK THE LORD FOR YOU ALL! Our hearts are blessed and absolutely overflowing…

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