A Special Moment

One of our sweet elderly ladies in St Regis is nearing her Home going–such bittersweet moments… she has known the Lord a long time and is tired and ready to go Home, but we are never ready to say good bye!

As we drove back toward St Regis we saw the most vivid rainbow we have ever seen… a full rainbow at that! A moment of true blessing that comes from the Lord… when we saw it we were listening to a beautiful worship song…

Your way is higher; Your name is greater;

All my hope is in You.

Your word, unfailing; Your promise, unchanging;

All my hope is in You!

NOV 2013 004NOV 2013 005NOV 2013 007

And out pops God’s heavenly reminder… of His eternal promises! It looked as if we might drive right into it! It was breathtaking–pictures can’t really capture a moment like that!

Psalm 116: 15, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

2 Corinthians 5:8, “To be absent from the body… is to be present with the Lord.”

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