40 Years & Counting: Silly me…

Random Ness 001

One thing I vividly remember on my wedding day 40 years ago in December… a short story… silly me…

I was busy curling hair and painting nails with Ardith and two of my sisters. You can only imagine the giggling, teasing nervousness that was going on about then. But it was such a special moment on such a special day.

I hear the door bell… did not pay much attention because I was too busy, I mean really! But I stop, throw on my robe, and walk to the living room.

My sweet daddy comes walking to me with a really gorgeous, huge bouquet of deep crimson roses with the loveliest scent imaginable. I say, “Oh, Daddy, they’re so-o-o-o-o beautiful! THANK YOU!” and gave him a big hug.

My daddy doesn’t bat an eye or smile. He just says, “Well, baby, I didn’t send them.”

I answered, “You mean they’re from Alan?”

He replies, “I certainly hope so!”

I still chuckle to think how naive and silly I was the day I married. So thankful for a godly husband who has the patience of Job and loves me still–after 40 long years!

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