40 Years and Counting, #2

Harvester Galveston Tour 2



Some of our fondest memories and longest lasting are of our days at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft Worth, Texas. Of course, at the time, these were challenging days of morning classes, afternoon jobs, night time studies and paper writing for Alan and a full time job for Sarah in the day and typing at night. Then we added Revivals and other Church Events each weekend to the mix and that provided a really full schedule for at least three of our five years there. During this time we also helped in The Tabernacle Mission (a Half Way House) in Cleburne, Texas on Wednesday nights, eventually moved there for a little over a year and formed a singing group we called, The Harvesters! Loyd Bonham played lead guitar, Troy Malone was on base guitar, Sarah played rhythm guitar, David Crabtree was on drums and, of course, Alan was lead singer (& preacher) with Loyd & Sarah singing harmonies. You might see us setting up in a Grocery Store Parking Lot,  on the Beach… we were pretty radical singing and preaching Jesus in the streets or wherever! These were wonderful days of serving various churches in Revivals, Services, School Assemblies, and Youth Events. God was gracious to us in our travels.
Then during our last year of Seminary we were privileged to serve with Bob Price, Pastor in Terrell, Texas (he is now Dr. Bob Price, Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Terrell, Texas). We learned so much from Bob & Janett as we continued to prepare for full-time service. We created our own Evangelism Training video–that was a real hoot–but it did serve its purpose well.

During Spring Break of our last two years in Seminary Alan was invited to join a team for Pioneer Penetration. Both of those years he traveled to Havre, Montana and worked with Emmanuel Baptist Church there. As it worked out, after graduation in 1980, we moved to Havre and served for three years on staff there. Both of our girls were born in Havre (we still remember and deeply appreciate Dr. Richardson who delivered them  both). And thus began our heart strings with the state of Montana!

Now, many, many others were important in our lives during these years: including our parents, Charles & Clotheal Damron, Charles & Mary Nell Barton; James F. Walker (at the Cleburne mission); Dan & Kathy Anderson (fellow seminary students and long-time friends); and so many others… each a special treasure and blessing! And as Paul wrote to Timothy, we have to agree…

I thank God whom I serve… as I remember you constantly in my prayers night and day.

1 Timothy 1:3, ESV